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Spanish Citizenship for persons from all over the world with Sephardic Origin

procedure and conditions

In this web in english (you have the spanish version in, we inform you about the procedure and conditions for applying for Spanish Citizenship for persons from all over the world with Sephardic Origin. If your name is PÉREZ, GONZÁLEZ, LÓPEZ, GARCÍA, MARTÍNEZ, RODRÍGUEZ and many others, or LEVY, COHEN, SAMUEL, PERRY, and many others apparently Anglo-Saxon or Askenaz, but who are also Sephardic in many cases, you can apply for spanish nationality. The deadline initially to start the file electronically at the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice ends on October 1.


You can gather most of the documents before then and we can initiate the application, and there will be then, even, some weeks or months more to add other additional documents. You have to demonstrate your sephardic origine with a genealogical or name report and a certificate from a Jewish Comunity (we help you in the whole process), and your vinculation with Spain (we help you also with this), and to prepare other additional documents. We can also help you with Portuguese Citizenship, where the Law and the Process is open all the time. You must tell to us and will help you also.

You can write us and send messages to:,, and We can help you in the whole process of processing Spanish Citizenship: preparing the documents, submitting in the Ministry of Justice,s web, and selecting the Notary (Notario) for you, going with you there, and after, following the file and adding new documents if necessary until the procedure will be solved

And, finally, helping you with the Jury Process (Juramento de la Constitución y Nacionalidad española). We encourage you to prepare all the documents. Spain is your home and "Welcome to Spain, sephardic from all over the world. Spain is your home".

Kind regards, Dr. César David Ciriano Vela.

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